End Times for Net Neutrality?

Back in December we began wondering about what a Donald Trump presidency would mean for Net Neutrality. Well, after the inauguration it took just a couple of days for the rubber to begin accosting the proverbial road. Last week President Trump announced the appointment of Ajit Pai as our new Federal Communications Commission Chairman, and he nestles … Continue reading End Times for Net Neutrality?

BE READY: Trump & Net Neutrality

If you’ve followed this blog, you know that we are avid proponents of Net neutrality. While the Obama administration has been generally friendly to keeping Net traffic free and open – all those moving bits and bytes being treated equally by carriers – the winds of change may be blowing colder with the incoming Trump administration. … Continue reading BE READY: Trump & Net Neutrality

Goodbye, Internet Privacy Rules

It’s no surprise that we’re very interested in how our current administration is impacting topics like Net Neutrality and Internet Privacy. When Ajit Pai was appointed to be FCC chairman a couple months ago, we encouraged everyone to stay informed and keep an eye out for new issues. Well, this week the House voted to … Continue reading Goodbye, Internet Privacy Rules

Can higher education keep up with computer science interest?

It’s no secret that computer science careers are more lucrative than ever. Plenty of students have recognized the opportunity, but can higher education keep up? In a New York Times article titled The Hard Part of Computer Science? Getting Into Class the author brings to light a very serious issue – universities and colleges across the country … Continue reading Can higher education keep up with computer science interest?