Aurora Governor

Aurora Governor helps maintain application and database availability and allows scaling the Amazon Aurora replica capacity according to conditions defined via scaling policies. It can be used to ensure that the desired number of Amazon Aurora replicas are run at any given time and/or condition.

Aurora Governor Aurora Governor automatically increases the number of replicas when demand increases during traffic jumps, DoS attacks, CDN cache purges or on schedule to maintain performance and availability and decreases capacity during off hours to reduce costs. This product unleashes the full power of EC2 Auto Scaling, which is already built into Amazon AWS services, and lets you use familiar tools such as EC2 AutoScaling groups, EC2 ELBs, CloudWatch alarms and monitors to maintain desired capacity of Aurora replicas.

Installation of the product takes fives minutes or less and is as easy as creating a new stack from the CloudFormation template we supply. To start using the dynamic pool of Aurora replicas you just need to point your application to the ELB created automatically during installation process as shown in the graphic below:

Aurora Governor Autoscaler

Install on Amazon RDS/EC2



We charge 10% of the cost of each Aurora replica, i.e.:

RDS Replica TypeTotal
db.r3.xlarge $0.0580/hr

Note:This software is priced along a consumption dimension. Your bill will be determined by the size of your data.
Note:Amazon will charge you separately for the load balancer (approximately 20$ a month) and for each ec2 proxy instance (approximately 5$ a month).