XHTML for Bicycling.com

Rodale logoRodale Publications has chosen Boyle Software’s energetic front end team to code the HTML of the new Bicycling.com website.

Boyle Software has a growing reputation for developing efficient XHTML-based templates for magazine sites such as Prevention, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World as well as minisites for Discovery Channel and Toyota.

The new Bicycling.com site will be coded using XHTML and CSS to separate content from presentation, resulting in leaner code that will be easier to maintain.

In addition, Boyle Software will implement dynamic headers in custom fonts using sIFR, a technology that utilizes Flash, Javascript and the Document Object Model to display text in any typeface even if a font is not installed on a user’s computer.

About Rodale

Rodale’s nine magazine properties, all veteran publications in their categories, include the global brands Prevention, Men’s Health and Runner’s World, which are published in 36 countries, as well as Organic Gardening, Backpacker, Best Life, Bicycling and Mountain Bike.