Web accessibility at Boyle Software

WCAG LogoFor frontend developers the main goal these days is to make sure websites can easily be viewed on a mobile device. If the page layout is not responsive it becomes inaccessible (or at least difficult to access) on a phone or tablet.

But there are other (and often much more serious) accessibility considerations to be taken into account : making sure that web content is also accessible to people with disabilities

Boyle Software takes web accessibility seriously. There are close to 60 million people with disabilities in America alone – people who may need assistive technologies such as screen readers in order to navigate the internet. But the internet is full of hurdles that makes it difficult for people to use such assistive technology. It is our job as developers to remove as many of these hurdles as possible. 

Please read our accessibility statement to learn more about WCAG requirements, compliance and how we have made accessibility part of our development workflow.

About Uwe Kristen

After graduating in Scottish Literature at University of Glasgow in 1996 Uwe put down his empty glass and left the pub. He took the next airplane to New York City and started coding websites. He still codes. He still reads.