Viv: AI on the fly

Viv logoDisrupt NY 2016 is underway this week and there’s plenty of interesting stuff emerging from the buzz. One of the coolest things we are hearing about is Viv.

Dag Kittlaus, CEO and co-founder of Siri, presented Viv – a project he’s been working on behind the scenes for some time now. As he demonstrates in his presentation – video below – Viv may be the next step in the evolution of what he terms “conversational commerce.” Viv can conduct virtually any transaction with very few voice prompts – even relatively complex requests.

Dag Kittlaus discusses Viv at Disrupt NY 2016

Another fascinating aspect of Viv is its form of AI:  the “dynamic program generation” that allows Viv to build its own queries and programs on the fly. Really cool stuff.

Dynamic Program Generation in Viv
A view into “dynamic program generation” in the “mind” of Viv

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