Updated GitHub tools

GitHub has recently announced a suite of new and improved tools for a developer. This includes a new marketplace, refreshed version of API and apps. GitHub strives to become a platform to fulfill most of modern developer’s needs.

Marketplace provides tools to integrate with a variety of services for code review, continuous integration, monitoring and project management. Tools like ZenHub, Codacy, and Blackfire.io are well known and respected in the open source community. I would expect this list to expand as companies make their tools compatible with GitHub, and I would really like to see official apps for Jira and Basecamp integrations.

Refreshed version of GitHub API introduces GraphQL API providing greater flexibility to developers. It helps simplify and streamline the integration process and provides means for querying the data you want. The previous version of REST API has simple REST endpoints exposed, where developers were responsible for querying and gathering the data from multiple endpoints, whether now they can get the same data in one call.

GitHub is the place to start your open source project and they are trying to bring more paid customers onboard. This is definitely step in right direction.