Trying to Save Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality design from http://www.savetheinternet.comWe’ve discussed why we think it’s important to save net neutrality a number of times, and our feelings on the topic haven’t changed. So we’re very happy when we see efforts being made to keep “big business” from controlling how we all use the internet despite the FCC’s December vote to roll back the protections that had been in place. 

Several states have introduced legislature that opposes the FCC’s ruling. This may ultimately be the path that makes a difference on a federal level, but in the short-term a few states are fighting for net neutrality as consumers… an approach that makes financial risks to ISPs much more immediate. Basically New York, New Jersey, Montana, and (soon) Hawaii are requiring that they will only work with ISPs at a state level if the ISP commits to offering full neutrality to all consumers within the state. There are risks involved that ISPs will refuse, and this strategy may generate legal questions, but it is a clever move we appreciate all the same.

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