TechTalk: Scrum vs. Kanban

Scrum vs. KanbanOur next TechTalk will be a popular one for those of you interested in agile software development methodologies. On November 12th, agile expert Dr. Samuel Prasad will be on hand in our New York City HQ to lead a discussion comparing two of the most common agile methodologies in use today: Scrum and Kanban. This TechTalk is sure to have some lively back-and-forth – we all have war stories from our own agile experiences – so get your RSVP in soon (instructions below).

Sam Prasad has lots to say about what he’s seen on the front lines of agile development:

Has Scrum become too prescriptive? Try Kanban!

Are you being time-boxed by Scrum? Kanban the time-box.

Afraid of time commitment? Scrumban anyone?

A Scrum team is flat and cross-functional, then why label people and assign roles? Get rid of them. Go Kanban.

Please join us for this TechTalk if you can. Plan on arriving at our Manhattan offices (42 West 24th Street in Manhattan) by 6pm on Wednesday, November 12th. Pizza and beverages will be on hand for attendees. The TechTalk will wrap up by 8pm.

If you are interested in coming to this event, please send an RSVP email to by 5pm ET on Tuesday, November 11th.

(Boyle Software TechTalks are monthly evening gatherings for BSI employees, clients, and friends, with the goal of sharing thoughts on IT technologies. If you would be interested in presenting or attending a TechTalk, please send email to

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  1. It will interesting to listen to the views of the expert, there is a lot of confusion between scrum and kaban approach. This will certainly give some insights about both the methodology.

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