TechTalk: Lev Gimelfarb on Stacy

Lev Gimelfarb

On Wednesday, October 26th, Boyle Software’s VP of Research & Development Lev Gimelfarb will discuss and demo his latest project, called simply Stacy:

Stacy allows creating websites that are served from Amazon S3 cloud service as if they are static websites, while having the site content managed in Contentful CMS. The authors edit the content in the CMS and their edits are automatically published to the statically hosted website without any participation from the site developers. Once the system is setup, for regular content changes there is no need to run any site generators or manually upload any content to the S3. [Source]

Please join us for this TechTalk if you can. Plan on arriving at our Manhattan offices (42 West 24th Street in Manhattan) by 6pm on Wednesday, October 26th. Pizza and beverages will be on hand for attendees. The TechTalk will wrap up by 8pm.

If you are interested in attending, please send an RSVP email to by 5pm ET on Tuesday, October 25th.

(Boyle Software TechTalks are periodic evening gatherings for BSI employees, clients, and friends, with the goal of sharing thoughts on IT technologies. If you would be interested in presenting or attending a TechTalk, please send email to