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Sandbox for financial technology

FinTech Sandbox

Our latest Drupal 7 project, FinTech Sandbox launched last month. Currently in beta the full public launch is planned to happen by end of March (the party date is already set!).

We worked closely with the client – a nonprofit organization based in Boston that helps FinTech startups around the globe to build applications – to create a shiny new site from the ground up.

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Sass to SCSS converter

I started learning Sass using the .scss syntax, but recently I switched to the original (and now somewhat forgotten) .sass syntax. Although .scss was created to make Sass feel a bit more like writing CSS I fell in love with the strikingly minimal old .sass syntax.

The .sass syntax has no curly brackets or semi-colons. It is all based on proper indentation. That may sound like a shaky foundation and prone to errors, but I find the exact opposite to be the case: it forces me to write well-structured code.
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