Strong messaging with IronMQ

Need a good messaging queue but don’t want to tie yourself to AWS’s SNS/SQS or Google’s Pub Sub ? Then IronMQ from might be the solution for you… Highly available and persistent by design, IronMQ is an industrial strength and cloud native messaging queue which helps to tie your distributed systems together.

Offering unicast and multicast ‘push’ queues , ‘pull’ queues , guaranteed ordering , error queues, super easy to use language libraries including Ruby, Python, PHP, .NET and Node.js – IronMQ has it all.


Maybe you also don’t want to tie yourself to AWS’s Lambda functions or even Google Cloud Functions – enter IronWorker –’s neutral alternative…

Actually existing long before Lambda, IronWorker offers an almost identical offering with a slightly different API and even more language options including PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, Java, .Net, Go and Scala.



If you have to share state, pass data or co-ordinate activity between processes or devices, Iron even offers a scalable and durable key/value store called IronCache.  Again it offers a range of language options and Memcached compatibility.


On Premise option

Iron’s on-premise product is the first to allow you to run their software in your own dedicated cloud. It features a new, robust distributed database to power queues and queue metadata. This new foundation ensures that the product will run as well on your infrastructure as it does on Iron’s.

Iron’s ‘on premise’ solutions are provided in Docker containers. This means that almost any cloud that runs Docker can run Iron.

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