Shaping up with Angular.js

angularCodeschool has just added a free course on Angular.js, the increasingly popular open-source web application framework. Entitled “Shaping up with Angular.js,” the course takes you through 5 levels of extending HTML vocabulary for your application. Each course level is a set of videos. After each video students are presented with a challenge: they complete code examples of what was covered in the video and earn points if a course level challenge is completed successfully.

The neat Codeschool text editor offers a “Check my work” button, which provides guidance while completing a challenge. If you get stuck, just click on “Watch video” and you are shown the exact segment of the video that you need to review in order to move forward.

The course itself is built with Angular.js and demonstrates the fast page reload times that the framework offers. It’s a great course to get started with Angular.js and at the same time is an impressive example of what you can do with Angular.

About Uwe Kristen

After graduating in Scottish Literature at University of Glasgow in 1996 Uwe put down his empty glass and left the pub. He took the next airplane to New York City and started coding websites. He still codes. He still reads.