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FinTech Sandbox

Our latest Drupal 7 project, FinTech Sandbox launched last month. Currently in beta the full public launch is planned to happen by end of March (the party date is already set!).

We worked closely with the client – a nonprofit organization based in Boston that helps FinTech startups around the globe to build applications – to create a shiny new site from the ground up.

The main design challenge was creating a user interface that would work equally well for three key user roles which are are quite different in regard to what part of the content will be visible to them and how they can interact with each other. Luckily, Drupal offers the granularity in permissions that we needed and the flexibility to integrate a 3-rd party service (see below) on to of the permission layer.

The site had to be responsive, no question. We decided to use a flexible, yet bare-bones base theme and build our own responsive layout on top of it. A very useful feature of  the Mothership theme is the ability to strip out unnecessary markup from Drupal core and module files, which helps decluttering the rendered HTML. We used Sass as a preprocessor for CSS and tried to create CSS objects wherever possible in order to reuse them throughout the site.

Salesforce logo

Another requirement was the integration of Salesforce with the Drupal CMS. Data exchange had to happen both ways, meaning that interaction on the Drupal site would trigger events in Salesforce and actions within Salesforce would update the Drupal site.

Starting next month financial technology startup companies can apply for a 6-month program at The website allows them to collaborate with partners and seek and share knowledge within the fintech community. Members can post events. And we also added a blog to the site. Many of the  listings on the site have exposed filters so that users can get more easily to the information they need.

Our team of two Drupal developers (one frontend, one backend) very much enjoyed working with the FinTech team to build phase 1 of the site and we are looking forward to continued involvement with this innovative company. Visit the FinTech Sandbox website at

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