RockDaisy: Simple, Beautiful Data

RockDaisy logoBefore founding their own company in 2014, Chris Tanck and Elvis Pereymer spent a combined 20+ years building and running the Data Products Department at the NFL’s league office here in New York City. So it’s no wonder that RockDaisy, their data analytics platform, found an eager and early audience in team front offices across the NFL.

That understanding of sports data and RockDaisy’s simple, intuitive reporting UI is now translating into adoption in other professional sports: both the NHL and Major League Baseball have teams coming on board. But what if you do not own a high profile sports franchise? No worries: RockDaisy’s reporting platform works beautifully for your business’s analytics needs, no matter the industry. Boyle Software is proud to partner with RockDaisy in becoming an integrator of their state-of-the-art platform.

“RockDaisy revolutionized the NFL and numerous global brands by putting actionable data analysis into the hands of front-line decision makers. Partnering with Boyle Software’s top-rated development team will prove to be a powerful end-to-end analytics solution for any business, and RockDaisy is excited at the prospect of where such a partnership will lead.”  – Elvis Pereymer, RockDaisy co-founder

RockDaisy's reporting interfaceRockDaisy can knit together various external data sources into a single, intuitive platform that requires minimal integration effort to get up and running. Non-tech users can easily navigate features and tools with very little training. RockDaisy’s platform turns currently burdensome tasks into simple, efficient ones, making everyone’s job easier.

RockDaisy is data visualization for the iPhone generation. The platform lets you swipe, point-and-click, and drag-and-drop with such ease-of-use that literally anyone – even tech newbies – can navigate it quickly and effortlessly.

“Boyle Software is on the cutting-edge of the data reporting industry, and RockDaisy is thrilled to be recognized as a pioneer for its award winning  data visualization platform. We look forward to partnering with Boyle on exciting new projects that will further revolutionize this rapidly-evolving sector.” – Chris Tanck, RockDaisy co-founder

Contact us to learn more about what RockDaisy can do for your business. You have to see it  in action to really appreciate the elegance and simplicity of this amazing set of analytics tools!