Rant Alert: Websites are too fat!

"The Website Obesity Crisis"Monday mornings are usually difficult, but today –  with aching tributes emanating from all corners of the globe in the wake of David Bowie’s passing  – is even worse then normal. So what better distraction than a good old-fashioned rant about the sorry state of website bloat???

Mr. CreosoteI stumbled upon Maciej Cegłowski’sThe Website Obesity Crisis” this morning and found it a refreshing reminder of the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Adapted from a talk he delivered in Sydney last year, the author takes on the multiplicity of factors that have turned even the simplest websites into Mr. Creosote-like behemoths. There are the obvious culprits – like the rise of ads and surveillance tracking as well as simple asset bloat – but Cegłowski also tackles some of the less-noted:  NEW FLASH! Cloud hosting may NOT be for everyone.

I can’t say I 100% agree with all of his assertions, but there’s lots to chew on here. Happy Monday! And here’s a wonderful bit of Bowie for you too: