Periscope up!

PeriscopeHard on the heels of Facebook’s popular Meerkat, here comes Twitter’s Periscope to really ramp up the streaming video wars. Periscope was purchased by Twitter a couple of weeks back – and launched just yesterday! Early adopting reviewers are falling all over themselves praising the out-of-the-gate features Periscope offers over Meerkat: live stream videos can be saved and viewed later; optional GPS and physical positioning of the broadcaster can be included with any stream; the interface is more friendly; “private broadcasts” allow only a select audience to view a stream.

During my first foray into Periscope, it took only a few seconds until I was skipping between streams of a bus ride in Sweden, a dimly lit bar in Tokyo, an office in Reykjavik,  and a morning drive around sunny LA.

Live streams on Periscope

So now we get to sit back and wait for Meerkat’s return salvo. One thing is for sure: streaming video is the app-darling of the moment, and the race is really and truly on.