Ogilvy: Promoting Hope

Ogilvy logoBoyle Software has been working for Ogilvy & Mather for almost a decade now and could not be happier supporting such a bold, global, high-end agency.

For example, check out this award-winning, viral ad they created for Google India, called “Reunion.” Wildly successful, it has even generated real, political talk of easing travel restrictions between India and Pakistan.

While Boyle Software helps mostly with their internal, global technology systems, Ogilvy is out front making these brilliant advertisements, public relations, and image campaigns for their customers.

Keep up the good work, Ogilvy. We are very proud to count you as a friend and client.

Technologies for this account include Java/J2EE, WebSphere, Oracle, HTML, XML, CSS, LDAP, Ant, Eclipse, CVS, PHP, Perl, and Python.


Ogilvy is one of the largest marketing communications networks in the world, servicing multinational and local brands in all regions. Ogilvy has offices worldwide to support their high-end, high-volume, high-profile clients such as IBM, American Express and Google. The hallmark of their brand-building capabilities is the balance of global and local brands within a worldwide network.