The all-new OK! Magazine

OK! Magazine redesigned homepageLast month, the Boyle Software team working with American Media, Inc., launched a completely redesigned and upgraded website for AMI’s popular celebrity magazine OK! –

Lots of new features were introduced with the new OK! revamp: an “Exclusives” carousel, a “Blast from the Past” block, “Trending” zones, and a bunch of UX improvements. Photo galleries were improved not only in design but a “switcher” was also added, giving editors the ability to choose between different layouts: slideshows, list views, etc.

OK! Magazine - galleryPhotos – a crucial visual element for any celebrity site – have never looked better. By adding srcset attributes and improving cropping functionality, the magazine’s photo editors can now create images that look much better, helping to improve the look of the site in general.

The team also created the ability to add “shortcodes” to titles and promo titles to highlight celebrity names. Now users can get to a specific celebrity’s landing page by clicking on a link in a post’s title.

On the new site, “categories” have been replaced by “channels,” and a tool has been created to set channel color schemes: many elements in a channel’s articles and landing pages can be updated and unified at once.

OK! Magazine - Videos landing pageAdvertising is mission critical for any online magazine’s site, and plenty of upgrades were developed for ad delivery on OK! The design and coding teams incorporated new and highly visible ad display units. Additional sponsorship functionality was developed that includes new, featured layouts for sponsored articles. The ability to set a specific color for a sponsored taxonomy was developed, allowing for better, simpler customization of the look-and-feel of sponsored content areas.

The list is long, but some of the technologies utilized for the OK! redesign include WordPress, PHP7, ES6, SCSS – all built with Boyle Software’s dedication to best coding practices.

We are really proud of our work on this flagship property of AMI!