Duty24x7 alert management system

If you are a DevOp responsible for website uptime it’s important to be the first one to notice website issues or, even better, notice that the site is about to suffer an outage and prevent it. Also, if you are committed to providing 24×7 customer support you want to get notified about the new inquires as soon as they arrive.

To address this we have developed a cloud service called Duty24x7 that allows to resend and escalate unacknowledged email alerts and track them.

Our system runs purely on Amazon AWS services SES, SNS, RDS and Lambda
and it is not using any custom OS instances, which makes it as reliable as the Amazon AWS itself.

Also, the application is installed from AWS CloudFormation template which means it takes only a couple of minutes and mouse clicks to get it up and running.

The launch date for the application is set for July 2017.

Please stay tuned for more details.

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