LiquidSky Revealed at CES 2017

LiquidSky at CES 2017

During CES 2017, LiquidSky officially announced their service which will bring PC Gaming to any device. LiquidSky’s SkyComputer delivers the power of an ultra gaming PC with the convenience of console and mobile gaming to any device. Gamers across the world can connect to any of LiquidSky’s 13 data centers and play any game at ultra quality settings on a Mac, Android, Linux, or Windows device.

They were able to solve the latency mystery that has alluded other cloud gaming platforms like OnLive and PlayStation Now. At 30 milliseconds of latency, LiquidSky promises to deliver the same gaming experience on any device while providing excellent graphics with ultra-low, unnoticeable latency. Gamers will be able to experience up to 1Gb/sec download and 100MB upload speeds regardless of their local internet connection. On their SkyComputer they will get to experience the fastest download speeds.

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