Kiev Office Expansion

Kiev office viewBusiness is flowing along the banks of the Dnieper river! Boyle Software’s Kiev team recently moved into a new, larger, Class A office space. The company immediately capitalized on the office upgrade by expanding the staff from 5 to 14 engineers in just a few short months.


According to Matt Davis, VP of Operations: “We’ve had a small satellite office in Kiev since 2006. It was time to reinvest and double-down on our commitment to this wonderful city, country and people.”

Kiev office“We’ve seen an uptick in demand for our software development services; so this expansion came at just the right time,” says Lev Gimelfarb, VP of Development.

And the company continues to grow in all of its offices, aggressively recruiting and hiring software engineers in New York, San Francisco and Kiev alike. In Kiev specifically, the company hopes to expand to 21 engineers by mid Summer.

Kiev officeThe new Kiev office is situated in the historic commercial district The Podol, just steps away from the Google office. Our sunny offices have incredible views of the river as well as the charming neighborhood architecture. After a recent trip Dan Boyle said, “the neighborhood buzz is really quite similar to that in the Flatiron District in New York where we have our headquarters. There are so many tech startups, students and coffee shops sprouting up all over The Podol.”

A mix of PHP, Drupal, Java, SQL and mobile development projects are currently fueling the Kiev office’s growth – with much more to come in future months!