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Kids App Building – Meet Codarica

Codarica logoFor as long as I can remember, I wanted to grow up to be a developer. Sure it was totally for the sole reason of creating video games, but still I knew that that was the path for me. But growing up, I didn’t even know that was possible until I was first introduced to programming in high school. It was during that time that I realized it was something I was great at and loved doing.

While I’m not developing my own games, I discovered that I truly enjoy creating digital experiences for others. The ability to create something out of literally nothing is incredibly satisfying. This gratification I feel when discovering different technologies, techniques, and methodologies is what makes development fulfilling for me; however, that’s something that I deeply feel started at an extremely young age.

Today, kids are able to discover and play around with development at a much younger age through Coda Game. Coda Game is an app available for iOS which assists children through the process of creating their very own video game.

Coda Game is an app that turns kids (ages 6-12) into game developers by letting them create and share their very own games. As they build and play they also learn the foundations of computer science; problem solving, pattern recognition and logic.

I absolutely love the concept behind Coda Game and truly believe that the earlier we get children exposed to computer science, the more likely they will be to explore as they get older. Maybe right into Codarica’s other app: CodeQuest.

Kids join a wild adventure into the world of code, and learn how to build their first website through fun games and colorful storytelling. With over 10000+ possible combinations of customizable features, they can learn how to code whilst playing a variety of entertaining mini-games.

It’s time to get your kids busy with their technical skills and start being the coding rockstar they are! With CodeQuest they can create, innovate, and style their very first website in basic HTML and CSS. Within minutes they’ll be interacting with code as they have never done before. Who knew it could be so easy?

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More about Codarica

Codarica creates seriously fun coding games for kids. We want to make more kids digital literate so that they can thrive in a technically driven future.

Once it was crucial to learn how to read and write, NOT with the aim to become authors but to be able to co-exist in a society that is based on words. Today and tomorrow is based on code. And we want to teach kids about programming, STEM, and computer science to give them the tools to understand the world that surrounds them. We don’t aim to create future engineers, we aim to create digital literate citizens.

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