Kicking the tires: Mulesoft

Mulesoft logoIn the past couple of  years I’ve seen lots of companies and products moving from monolithic applications to microservices world. As large, heavy web services are being replaced, I’ve started looking into products for REST services integration.

Mulesoft seems to be a good place to go for REST services integration and implementation. RAML is racing Swagger to become #1 solution for API design. Their Anypoint platform is making the integration of third party API’s simple and efficient. Using the ability to connect to SAP or ServiceNow platforms makes this solution perfect for wide variety for consumers. Mapping and transforming data capabilities are great bonuses as well.

When a friend invited me to participate in Mulesoft’s New York API workshop (by invitation only this time – sorry!), I was hesitant: I didn’t know if I really needed to have this knowledge in my pocket. But after I worked with Spring’s solution for REST services, my mind was completely switched. It impressed me with the speed and ease getting a project off the ground and to production.