Google’s Duplex AI Assistant: The Future is Here!

Google DuplexAt Google’s annual I/O developer conference a few days ago, Google presented their new AI system – Duplex – which can make phone calls and schedule appointments.

What makes this technology groundbreaking is that Duplex is able to have a very human-like conversation without the person it is speaking to suspect that they are talking to a machine.

We’ve all heard robocalls before or heard automated messaging asking to press certain keys on the phone to get answers, but this system takes such phone calls to a completely another level. It’s so human-like that it’s creepy and immediately brought up mixed reactions on social media. Some people are excited and amazed, but others are calling it immoral and deceiving.

Google responded that development of this system is still in progress and they will make sure it will be clear to people talking to Google Duplex that they are talking to a machine.

Take a look at the full article here, watch the video of the demo, and let us know what you think!