Google Glass is Back

Remember when everybody was talking about Google Glass? If you were in a major city a few years ago, you couldn’t help but see early adopters sporting the latest in wearable technology everywhere. Reaction was extremely mixed – generating questions around safety and privacy – and less than a year after its public release, production was stopped with a tentative promise to revisit in 2017.

Well it looks like that promise came true! 

Google Glass is back with an Enterprise Edition, and this time it’s being marketed as a tool for businesses. With a better camera, more modular capabilities, and an improved battery life & processor, Glass is now looking to help workers with their daily tasks instead of mainly being a fad way for hipsters to find new coffee places. The response from companies using this new tool sounds positive so far and it will be interesting to see what comes from this new approach to a genuinely cool technology that basically seemed to suffer from way too much hype way too soon.

Here’s what press is saying about the return of Google Glass :