Google Cloud Vision

Google Cloud PlatformIf you’re in need of something like Google Image search for your own image set application, then you are now in luck: Google recently announced their Cloud Vision API is entering public beta.

The Google blog post gives a brief idea of the capabilities:

Now anyone can submit their images to the Cloud Vision API to understand the contents of those images — from detecting everyday objects (for example, “sports car,” “sushi,” or “eagle”) to reading text within the image or identifying product logos. [Source]

The API supports image URLs which are already in Google Cloud Storage, or embedding images directly within the API request.

One particularly cool feature is the “image sentiment analysis,” shown in the sample below taken from the post:

Image sentiment analysis: Cloud Vision API can analyze emotional attributes of people in your images, like joy, sorrow and anger, along with detecting popular product logos.


Full details and pricing can be found on the Cloud Vision API homepage.