GitHub Acquired by Microsoft

 GitHub logoFollowing a very brief period of speculation, Microsoft, the ubiquitous tech behemoth that needs no introduction, has purchased the developer community’s darling code sharing
service, GitHub. Founded in 2008, GitHub quickly rose to prominence among developers and in three short years as a startup received $100M in Series A capital from Andreessen Horowitz.

Valued at $2B in 2015, following a second $250M round of funding by Sequioa Capital, Microsoft has skyrocketed GitHub’s valuation by laying down $7.5B in Microsoft stock to bring the code sharing service under their wing.

While Microsoft promises to champion GitHub’s roots as an open source haven the acquisition ruffled feathers even before it was finalized. Developers, leery of the shadow that’s now being cast over their cherished code by a corporate umbrella, have already begun looking elsewhere for a new home for their repositories. At the same time, not everyone is viewing the acquisition in a negative light. As the long-touted future of cloud computing is quickly coming to fruition, Microsoft’s stake in that arena could prove to be a boon for GitHub users. Instead of choosing a cynical outlook on the matter, one might instead find hope in the exciting possibilities that it could bring.

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