Galvanized reports record performance of its websites


Boyle Software’s client Galvanized announced last week that their two flagship websites and reached another high in performance over the New Year. Both websites are hosted on Boyle Software’s AWS solution built for Galvanized.

Galvanized Media had already reported a 20% increase in traffic in May 2019. And just last week they announced that their sites hit yet another record audience number, attracting more than 10 million readers in January 2020 alone. Best Life celebrated its highest traffic month ever – with 6.2 million users!

Both websites had moved to our AWS-powered hosting service HeartyHosting in July 2018, which provides custom hosting-solutions tailored to a website’s particular needs. The goal was to build a secure, reliable and fast-performing platform for Galvanized’s two main websites.

The core AWS services we chose include Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances for optimal resizable compute capacity as well as Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS). On top of that Boyle Software built a caching layer which allows for frequent and instant content updates while site visitors still enjoy the performance benefits of pre-cached content. Finally, we made sure that sudden surges in traffic, no matter how big, will be handled without bringing the server to its knees.

Boyle Software is thrilled about Galvanized’s success and continue to be committed to make Eat This and Best Life as secure, robust and performant as possible!

About Uwe Kristen

After graduating in Scottish Literature at University of Glasgow in 1996 Uwe put down his empty glass and left the pub. He took the next airplane to New York City and started coding websites. He still codes. He still reads.