FCC admits cyberattacks not real

Back in May of last year, the FCC’s website went down. At the time, the agency blamed it on DDoS attacks – a claim that was disbelieved by many, especially net neutrality supporters because the timing coincided with a relevant segment John Oliver did on Last Week Tonight that presumably drove large amounts of traffic to the site with an intent of voicing opposition to a net neutrality repeal.

Over the past year, the FCC has basically hidden behind a “no comment” response whenever questions about the supposed-attack came up and supplied no documentation to help support what they had said. This week, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai finally admitted that there were no attacks. And while no explanation for the site outage was given, he did cast blame for the original claim that there was an attack on a former official official that had been hired by Obama’s administration.

In the end it sounds like the site simply went down because it got crushed by people who were in favor of net neutrality. Unfortunately, Pai doesn’t seem to realize the significance of that as much as he wants to blame someone else for the incident.