Design Wars: Man vs. Machine

"Design Machines" by Travis GertzWe spend lots of our time working with clients on the design – and redesign – of their websites, so reading the thought-piece “Design Machines” by Travis Gertz definitely touched some familiar and raw nerves.

Gertz insightfully skewers and calls-on-the-carpet many of the assumptions we designers make with regards to the websites we deliver to those humans that we dismissively call “users.” Among the sacred cows he deftly questions: our addiction to analytics and “data-driven” design decisions; the wall between UX and UI design; the neutered and generic platforms we increasingly turn to to deliver our content (he’s talking to you, Squarespace and The Grid!).

Thought provoking stuff… There’s certainly going to be some things in there that shake up your thinking about how you’ve been going about content and site design in recent years. I strongly encourage you to read and wrestle with this excellent essay!

As long as we run brave organizations made up of even braver souls who are willing to embrace expression, trust their intuition and experiences, and stand up when everyone else is sitting down, we will survive.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this piece in the comments below…

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