Continued CIBBOWS Support

CIBBOWS logoThe Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers (CIBBOWS) group announces its 2006 race season. And Boyle Software is equally happy to announce its continued support, including technical support and financial sponsorship, to this worthy non-profit community organization.

CIBBOWS co-founder and race coordinator Sondra Vitols said, “Boyle Software has been with us from the very start years ago, helping with our web site, email lists, yearly financial sponsorship, event volunteers and the like. They are truly a first class operation.”

This year’s season includes two new races: Breezy Point and Fanny’s Return (Across the Narrows). For more information, please see the group’s web site.

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CIBBOWS (Coney Island Bright Beach Open Water Swimmers) is a non-profit group dedicated to being a community resource for open water swimmers of all levels. This includes providing regular training practices at Brighton Beach & Coney Island from April to November and helping maintain/improve the water quality in New York City.