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NYC subway info systems derail

Old machinery at the MTACityLab recently published a fascinating story about the ongoing struggle to upgrade internal and customer-facing information systems in New York City’s subway system – the MTA. I highly recommend the read.

James Somers does a succinct job surveying the complexity – physical and human – of bringing large-scale change to a system that’s a hundred-plus years old, a utility depended upon by millions every single day. Though the MTA’s is a monumental endeavor, the issues will be painfully familiar to those of us involved in software development on smaller scales: entrenched systems, non-cooperative organizations and entities, non-existent requirements docs – the list is wince-inducing. It’s a clear-eyed view into the trials and tribulations of dragging a transportation system rooted in the 19th century into the 21st.

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Now Playing: A New Video Format

A new open source streaming video codec is coming

Tech giants Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix are joining forces as the Alliance for Open Media and creating a new format for streaming video. This new format will be open source and they plan to release it under Apache License 2.0 – one of the most permissive open source licenses available. Unlike most current video formats, this codec can be used by any company to create or convert videos without paying a fee!

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Waiting for my Powerwall…

Tesla's PowerwallJust a few short days ago we were treated to Elon Musk‘s introduction of his company Tesla’s new Powerwall – a sleek solar-charged battery for your home that also can scale up for industrial applications. I watched the video of Musk’s April 30th presentation and decided then and there that it was time to take the leap and go with a solar solution for my suburban New Jersey home. But now it seems that you ALL had the same idea! The Powerwall is sold out through the middle of next year already…

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TODAY: #WHMeetup

White House Tech Meetup logoToday is the day for the White House Tech Meetup in Washington! As you might expect, the event has a sprawling, ambitious agenda:

We will gather for the White House Tech Meetup with a few goals in mind: to help each other thrive by sharing best practices and scale outreach and inclusion efforts, to find ways to help more of our neighbors join in (especially those who have been less well-represented in tech), and to engage young people. Through this event, we want to “upgrade” the ability to include all of us in technology and innovation.

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Periscope up!

PeriscopeHard on the heels of Facebook’s popular Meerkat, here comes Twitter’s Periscope to really ramp up the streaming video wars. Periscope was purchased by Twitter a couple of weeks back – and launched just yesterday! Early adopting reviewers are falling all over themselves praising the out-of-the-gate features Periscope offers over Meerkat: live stream videos can be saved and viewed later; optional GPS and physical positioning of the broadcaster can be included with any stream; the interface is more friendly; “private broadcasts” allow only a select audience to view a stream.

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Ogilvy: Promoting Hope

Ogilvy logoBoyle Software has been working for Ogilvy & Mather for almost a decade now and could not be happier supporting such a bold, global, high-end agency.

For example, check out this award-winning, viral ad they created for Google India, called “Reunion.” Wildly successful, it has even generated real, political talk of easing travel restrictions between India and Pakistan.

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A great night of agile talk

Sam Prasad discusses agile methodologiesThis past Wednesday evening, our New York City HQ played host to an informative TechTalk comparing the Kanban and Scrum agile development methodologies. Dr. Samuel Prasad shared his extensive knowledge, giving the assembled audience – Boyle Software staff members, friends, and client guests – insights from his years  of coaching organizations adopting “new,” unfamiliar agile modes of doing business. Continue reading

Behat and CSS testing

Behat logoIt often happens that new Drupal website components display differently on different pages, or that CSS changes affect one page differently from other pages. With most coding, regression testing is used to trap for these sorts of issues. Even with the most popular test engines – CasperJS, Karma, Jasmine – you cannot create back-end unit tests. This is why, for testing Drupal sites, our QA team chose the Behat framework. The question is: Can we use Behat to test our site for visual consistency as effectively as we use it to test, say, JavaScript? Can we use Behat to test our CSS? Continue reading