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HeartyHosting for AMI Continues

AMII am pleased to announce that Boyle Software just renewed our hosting contract with AMI for another 18 months.

AMI really appreciates our high-performance HeartyHosting platform, friendly customer service and inexpensive price point. We really appreciate AMI’s continued confidence in us and their many magazines’ entertaining content.

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GoogleBot vs. JavaScript

GoogleBotAnd the winner is…?

Here’s a fascinating piece by Merkle|RKG’s Adam Audette over at Search Engine Land that explores how GoogleBot is handling JavaScript and the DOM. Turns out that Google’s spider is doing a pretty terrific job of accurately parsing and tracking various common JavaScript functions – practices that many still believe to be impediments to a site’s SEO:

Historically, SEO recommendations have centered around having ‘plain text’ content whenever possible. Dynamically generated content, AJAX, and JavaScript links have been a detriment to SEO for the major search engines. Clearly, that is no longer the case for Google. Javascript links work in a similar manner to plain HTML links…

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What does “don’t be evil” mean?

The European Commission – the executive body of the European Union – does not seem to have any intention to let Google go. After several years of antitrust investigations, charges and settlements it recently formally charged Google again ( The part that made me remember Google’s motto in the title of this post is the accusation that Google “systematically favors its own comparison shopping product (so called Google Shopping, L.G.) in its general search results pages”. The EC considers it an abuse of Google’s dominant position (in Europe Google serves 90% of search traffic, which is significantly higher than in the US), which stifles the competition and harms the consumer.

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Seniors for Living Account

Seniors For Living logoBoyle Software is proud to announce a new development deal with Seniors for Living.

Seniors for Living offers a free service that helps people find senior housing. Boyle Software designed the new site and coded all XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. The challenge was to design a user interface that appeals not only to seniors but also to people of a younger age, who are looking for senior housing options for their parents or grandparents. The XHTML code was written with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

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