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How I became an Apple fan boy

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I grew up in Ukraine and got a chance to deal with computers early in my life. As an average 8 year old boy I preferred playing Prince of Persia rather than doing anything meaningful, but a few years later I wondered what is needed to make my own game and started reading about programming using Basic. This was something new, mostly because of the language difference.  It’s much easier to understand the meaning of commands GOTO or PRINT when they are your native words. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only issue. Continue reading

Want 11 CDs for free?

HTML for DummiesIt was completely unexpected. Out-of-the-blue I was asked today by one of my co-workers to write a blog post. I thought hard about which new front-end development tools I have been using lately, but couldn’t think of anything that had had a significant impact on my professional life recently. Then I looked at today’s date and I realized that it is my 20-year anniversary here at Boyle Software. These twenty years certainly had a significant impact on my life…

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Tim Cook on Irish and EU Taxes

imagesHere is an interesting “Message to the Apple Community in Europe” from Tim Cook…

Thirty-six years ago, long before introducing iPhone, iPod or even the Mac, Steve Jobs established Apple’s first operations in Europe. At the time, the company knew that in order to serve customers in Europe, it would need a base there. So, in October 1980, Apple opened a factory in Cork, Ireland with 60 employees.

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Apple keeping the backdoor locked

Apple showing spies the doorIf you have not yet read Tim Cook’s open letter to Apple customers with regards to the US Government’s request that the company build a “backdoor” into their iOS operating system, you really must. Cook does a great job of explaining why – even in the light of the horrible mass-shooting late last year in San Bernadino – this would be a very dangerous precedent to set.

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Swift now open source!

Swift logoBig News: Apple has just made its Swift language open source under the Apache 2.0 license. The company has also launched to facilitate this new chapter for its popular language which is used for both iOS and OS X development. offers downloads, compilers, documentation, community boards, and much more – situating itself as the go-to hub for all things Swift.

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Version Control for the People

Revisions for DropboxMac users now have an easier means to manage their Dropbox files right on their desktop. As a free offering from the App Store, Revisions for Dropbox leverages Dropbox’s existing (browser based) file-history features and serves them up in a much more user friendly interface. After installation the app can be accessed right from the menu bar. A few simple steps will link it to an existing Dropbox account and off you go.

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