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AMP has arrived!

Google's AMP project websiteThe announcement hit our inbox this morning: Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project – aka AMP – is officially out now. Previewed last October, AMP is an open source project for content creators who can now “create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere.” Crucial stuff now as the Web’s primary viewership moves over to mobile devices!

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Boyle Software wants you!

Boyle Software technologiesBoyle Software continues to roll with great project work for our clients both new and old!

Most positions are based here in New York City or nearby in the tri-state area. Smart local developers with a passion for open source technologies should check out our various opportunities and email us their resumes!

We’re looking for both back- and front-end Web developers and mobile engineers, drawing on a wide array of languages, frameworks, and platforms: Java, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, iOS/Objective-C, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, HTML/CSS, SaSS, etc. Sound like the stuff you like to use or want to learn? Send us your resume now!

Periscope up!

PeriscopeHard on the heels of Facebook’s popular Meerkat, here comes Twitter’s Periscope to really ramp up the streaming video wars. Periscope was purchased by Twitter a couple of weeks back – and launched just yesterday! Early adopting reviewers are falling all over themselves praising the out-of-the-gate features Periscope offers over Meerkat: live stream videos can be saved and viewed later; optional GPS and physical positioning of the broadcaster can be included with any stream; the interface is more friendly; “private broadcasts” allow only a select audience to view a stream.

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Bitcoin accepted here

bitcoin logoWhen F.A. Hayek wrote his book “The Denationalisation of Money” (1976), as imaginative as he was, little could the Nobel-prize winning economist have imagined bitcoin. When I read it in grad school, his book sparked questions more than offering answers. How could this work? The future then remained open. It wasn’t clear what exactly technology might deliver over time, yet technology would push this question. Of that I was convinced. (And I had some ideas that I worked on, but that’s for another discussion…) Enter bitcoin.

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OUT NOW! New SDK for Pebble Time

microdroneIt was just last week when Pebble took the Internet by storm, raising millions of dollars in funding for the upcoming release their latest watch – Pebble Time – in mere hours.

As of last week, developers can now test drive Pebble Time with the Developer Preview of the SDK for Pebble Time.  From Pebble’s press release: “With the SDK, developers can start designing and building new color apps for Pebble Time, or upgrade their current Pebble apps to support Pebble Time. The SDK now includes an entire emulator (in the cloud or on your local machine) so you can try out your apps before you get your Pebble Time. Documentation for timeline APIs is available as well.”

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Congratulations to Field Goods!

Field Goods logoWe would like to salute our client and partner Field Goods! They have just been awarded a $50,000 federal grant to assist in developing the next generation of their innovative platform, using smart technology in new ways to bring together New York state farmers and local Hudson Valley consumers. From Schenectady to Yonkers, Field Goods links the Empire State’s food producers directly into groups of subscribing consumers who each get a weekly mix of local produce, the freshest fruits and vegetables.

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