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Google Glass is Back

Remember when everybody was talking about Google Glass? If you were in a major city a few years ago, you couldn’t help but see early adopters sporting the latest in wearable technology everywhere. Reaction was extremely mixed – generating questions around safety and privacy – and less than a year after its public release, production was stopped with a tentative promise to revisit in 2017.

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Happy 35th to the IBM 5150!

Happy birthday to the IBM 5150 TechCrunch ran a piece today that really has me feeling my age: the IBM 5150 has just turned 35. I had one of these primordial PCs on my desk in college, and now it’s old enough to be having a mid-life crisis! I can still hear the whirr of the floppy disc drives and that shade of green text is forever scorched into my retinae. I wonder if any of you still have one humming away in a basement somewhere? What other c. 1981 tech are you still using? Best wishes for a happy #IBMPCDay!

Google I/O 2016: A quick summary

Google I/O 2016 logoThe good folks at Engadget have distilled down 2+ hours of new product announcements from this week’s Google I/O to a manageable 12 minutes. There’s some really interesting new stuff coming soon with Google Home, Google VR, and Android N. Check out the time-saving summary video below:

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Daniela’s CES 2016 wrap up!

CES logoCES kicks off every new year with the promise of new innovations and upgrades to existing consumer hardware. This year seemed to be the year for the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the year to get your kids into programming. iLuv showed us how you can easily make a morning better with just a few connected products while the folks working on the upcoming title Moving Hazard show us that the zombie apocalypse can be tons of fun. Bartesian showed us how easy it can be to create quality drinks at home and, of course, Razer, SteelSeries, and MadCatz gave us a sneak peek at their gaming hardware.

Let’s travel back to CES 2016 and check out my highlights:

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The once and future USB

USB logoArs Technica is running an interesting and comprehensive look at the history of USB technology, its challengers over the years, as well as what is coming next to replace it. In an industry as devoted to The Newest/Fastest Thing, it truly is a formidable victory that this connector has been around so long:

… USB isn’t without its problems, but it’s managed to gain and keep wide support from technology companies, and the basic USB Type-A connector found on most computers has stayed the same size and shape for close to 20 years. Considering the patchwork of interfaces it came to replace, that’s no small feat.

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