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Viv: AI on the fly

Viv logoDisrupt NY 2016 is underway this week and there’s plenty of interesting stuff emerging from the buzz. One of the coolest things we are hearing about is Viv.

Dag Kittlaus, CEO and co-founder of Siri, presented Viv – a project he’s been working on behind the scenes for some time now. As he demonstrates in his presentation – video below – Viv may be the next step in the evolution of what he terms “conversational commerce.” Viv can conduct virtually any transaction with very few voice prompts – even relatively complex requests.

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YaaS: Putting hybris in the cloud

YaaS logoeCommerce powerhouse hybris recently announced the release of its new cloud platform: YaaS (“hybris as a Service”). Currently in beta, the platform is set to be launched at the end of August, 2015. YaaS is a completely new product, disconnected from the existing hybris Commerce Suite. It allows companies to build, connect, share, and market eCommerce-related micro-services. Its architecture is all based on RESTful micro-services, accessed and controlled by OAuth authentication. The platform already contains a set of core and commerce services: a document repository, a message queue service, an email service, product/category/cart/tax services, and a checkout mashup service, among others.

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Boyle Software wants you!

Boyle Software technologiesBoyle Software continues to roll with great project work for our clients both new and old!

Most positions are based here in New York City or nearby in the tri-state area. Smart local developers with a passion for open source technologies should check out our various opportunities and email us their resumes!

We’re looking for both back- and front-end Web developers and mobile engineers, drawing on a wide array of languages, frameworks, and platforms: Java, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, iOS/Objective-C, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, HTML/CSS, SaSS, etc. Sound like the stuff you like to use or want to learn? Send us your resume now!

Amazon’s new Dash Buttons

Amazon's Dash ButtonsFor quite a while I’ve been using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save service to get household necessities restocked. It’s a convenient tool that lets you skip shopping trips and still save valuable space in tiny New York apartments. But if you’re going on vacation – or just in immediate need of more cleaning supplies – the timing of your delivery can sometimes be a bit too early or too late.

Amazon has decided to solve this problem by introducing the Dash Button for their Prime subscribers. The idea behind it is simple: whenever you run low on a household item – laundry detergent, coffee, or razor blades – you press the button once and it is shipped to you. After you place your order, no matter how many more times you press the button, additional orders will not be placed until the first order is delivered to you.

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Facebook eCommerce

eCommerce continues to grow, mature and challenge the traditional ways of thinking about payments, payment processing, credit, debt, currencies and really all things financial.

Never shy, Facebook is joining the mix, announcing a new payments feature for its messenger app. Now you can use it to send “money” instantly to your friends.


Here’s a great article in the NY Times by Vindu Goel…

Pier-to-pier payments are here. Facebook is going to be a major player. And this is just one small sliver of the growing, crazy, exciting eCommerce space.

Bitcoin accepted here

bitcoin logoWhen F.A. Hayek wrote his book “The Denationalisation of Money” (1976), as imaginative as he was, little could the Nobel-prize winning economist have imagined bitcoin. When I read it in grad school, his book sparked questions more than offering answers. How could this work? The future then remained open. It wasn’t clear what exactly technology might deliver over time, yet technology would push this question. Of that I was convinced. (And I had some ideas that I worked on, but that’s for another discussion…) Enter bitcoin.

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Google Glass in Commerce

Google Glass LogoGoogle recently stopped sales of the Glass prototype which has been available for a couple of years, and announced that the product will be moved out of the research oriented Google X unit and into a separate division for continued development.

There has been a lot of press speculating what this all means for the future of Glass, but for the most part it seems like this is just the first step in seeing a broader, more consumer-oriented release. Instead of focusing on the consumer aspect though, I wanted to share a couple of links which highlight possible business applications for the device, specifically in B2C and B2B commerce.

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