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Lazy loading in Chrome Canary

Google Chrome

In a good restaurant the food is usually served whenever you are ready for it. The waiter serves the entree after the appetizer. Same with the dessert, it will be served when the customer is ready for it to be consumed. Google Chrome soon will serve media in a browser similar to the way food is served in a restaurant. Via built-in lazy loading.
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‘Node style’ Reactive Java apps with Spring WebFlux

Node.js logoMy last few assignments had taken me away from my relative safety of the JVM and into the topsy turvy world of Node.js for the first time.

It certainly took me a while to get used to things – wrapping my head around the whole non-blocking nature of the Node runtime and how it uses a single thread to process requests – and how important it was that I definitely do not block that thread! Continue reading

The all-new OK! Magazine

OK! Magazine redesigned homepageLast month, the Boyle Software team working with American Media, Inc., launched a completely redesigned and upgraded website for AMI’s popular celebrity magazine OK! –

Lots of new features were introduced with the new OK! revamp: an “Exclusives” carousel, a “Blast from the Past” block, “Trending” zones, and a bunch of UX improvements. Photo galleries were improved not only in design but a “switcher” was also added, giving editors the ability to choose between different layouts: slideshows, list views, etc.

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New Design Work for Harland Clarke

Harland Clarke logoGenerally, when our clients ask us to help launch new websites or applications, we take on Boyle Software’s “expected tasks” like site hosting, back-end database integration, front-end development, and other things related to standard development responsibilities. But did you know that we also offer a full range of design and product management services too? Recently we’ve been providing this type of support for several new sites in partnership with our client Harland Clarke.

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Chatbots: a new paradigm?

Bots-R-Us!It was desktop applications on PCs in the ’80’s, websites in the ’90’s, native mobile apps in the ’00’s. Will it be chatbots (aka ‘bots’) in this decade ?

Many would agree that instant messaging has become a big part of our online lives in the last couple of years .. especially with services like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram and Slack (for us techies). Now, with the advent of chatbots, pretty soon (if not already) instant messaging is likely to get a whole lot bigger and better.

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Design Wars: Man vs. Machine

"Design Machines" by Travis GertzWe spend lots of our time working with clients on the design – and redesign – of their websites, so reading the thought-piece “Design Machines” by Travis Gertz definitely touched some familiar and raw nerves.

Gertz insightfully skewers and calls-on-the-carpet many of the assumptions we designers make with regards to the websites we deliver to those humans that we dismissively call “users.” Among the sacred cows he deftly questions: our addiction to analytics and “data-driven” design decisions; the wall between UX and UI design; the neutered and generic platforms we increasingly turn to to deliver our content (he’s talking to you, Squarespace and The Grid!).

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Periscope up!

PeriscopeHard on the heels of Facebook’s popular Meerkat, here comes Twitter’s Periscope to really ramp up the streaming video wars. Periscope was purchased by Twitter a couple of weeks back – and launched just yesterday! Early adopting reviewers are falling all over themselves praising the out-of-the-gate features Periscope offers over Meerkat: live stream videos can be saved and viewed later; optional GPS and physical positioning of the broadcaster can be included with any stream; the interface is more friendly; “private broadcasts” allow only a select audience to view a stream.

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Going mobile with

Teachrock website mobileWhether you are looking for in-depth information about The Birth of the Electric Guitar, The Roots of Country Rock or the Divergent Paths of Gangsta Rap and Conscious HipHop, or if you are simply seeking some terrific entertainment for an idle hour – Rock and Roll: An American Story is a fabulous online educational resource offering free access to news articles, rock artist bio pages, and rare photos and videos.

Launched in the Fall of 2013, is a standards-aligned curriculum for grades 6-12 that teaches American social history through the story of American popular music: Jazz, R&B, rock and roll, soul, punk, even including today’s hip hop. And as of now the website is also responsive!

The original site was primarily desktop-centric but The Rock and Roll Forever Foundation realized that a growing portion of its traffic was coming from mobile and tablet devices. They did not want to completely redesign the site but turned to Boyle Software to adapt the existing site, making it responsive. We kept the page layout for desktop as is and used CSS magic to make it look beautiful on mobile devices as well. At the same time, the homepage was modified to highlight more of their amazing content and a new Curriculum page was added to help both teachers and students navigate the curriculum more easily.  For those about to (responsively) rock, we salute you!