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Don’t worry about the government websiteLast week, Uncle Sam announced the launch of – a new website that reveals real-time usage data on more than 3,800 US Government Web properties. Powered by Google Analytics, the government’s Digital Analytics Program has created a clean, usable UI that is fun and fascinating to explore. The site’s code and reporting tool are fully open source and available on GitHub – hooray!

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Checking Out: I Quant NY

Empire State Building, NYCAs computer science geeks who make New York City our home, the site I Quant NY appeals to us on so many levels! Utilizing the City’s numerous open data feeds, this terrific blog delves into the massive data sets for insights that might otherwise be overlooked.

The blog, which is run by data scientist Ben Wellington, came to my attention recently when a friend shared Wellington’s fascinating analysis of the data around tipping in NYC taxis. And that led me to reading about who in Manhattan lives farthest form the subway and what fast food joints in the City are the cleanest. (Tip: Stay away from those Taco Bell/KFC combo joints – blech + ick!)

Beware: This is an addictive site for denizens of NYC- or anyone who loves a deeper look at the stories data can tell!