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Daniela’s CES 2016 wrap up!

CES logoCES kicks off every new year with the promise of new innovations and upgrades to existing consumer hardware. This year seemed to be the year for the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the year to get your kids into programming. iLuv showed us how you can easily make a morning better with just a few connected products while the folks working on the upcoming title Moving Hazard show us that the zombie apocalypse can be tons of fun. Bartesian showed us how easy it can be to create quality drinks at home and, of course, Razer, SteelSeries, and MadCatz gave us a sneak peek at their gaming hardware.

Let’s travel back to CES 2016 and check out my highlights:

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ContainerDays NYC 2015

ContainerDays NYCThe ContainerDays (un)conference makes its way here to Gotham at the end of this month. Hosted in Microsoft’s Times Square offices, events will span two very full days: October 29th and 30th. There are great speakers lined up, a wide range of workshops for both the contanier newbie and the expert, and even a Thursday evening soirée at the AWS Pop-Up Loft in SoHo.

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TODAY: #WHMeetup

White House Tech Meetup logoToday is the day for the White House Tech Meetup in Washington! As you might expect, the event has a sprawling, ambitious agenda:

We will gather for the White House Tech Meetup with a few goals in mind: to help each other thrive by sharing best practices and scale outreach and inclusion efforts, to find ways to help more of our neighbors join in (especially those who have been less well-represented in tech), and to engage young people. Through this event, we want to “upgrade” the ability to include all of us in technology and innovation.

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CES 2015: Quick Highlights

CES 2015 logoInternational CES® took place last week and once I returned everyone only had one question: What was the coolest thing you saw? And honestly, I could not think of just one really, really awesome thing… In fact, I can think of several! Let’s count them down and quickly recap CES 2015. These aren’t in any particular order, they are just in the order that I can remember them… Continue reading

Pax Prime 2014 Rewind

Sentris logoOut of all the geeky conventions I cover for Royal Flush Magazine, it’s Pax that I truly look forward to every year. Whether it’s East or Prime, Pax is one of the few conventions that centers around indie gaming and its fans. Today, I get to share a couple of interviews I did while attending Pax Prime in Seattle a couple of months back.  We learned about game developers’ inspirations, their struggles, as well as how they are keeping their fans engaged. We even delved into what aspiring game developers can do to keep focused and how important Kickstarter could be towards finding funding for your project.  Sentris and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime are both equally wonderful and worth checking out!

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