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Calling all WordPress Developers!

WorePress logoIf you’re skilled in front-end Web development – HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript – and have a couple of years experience working with WordPress under your belt, we need you now! We have immediate, full-time opportunities in New York City for smart developers to join an established team of passionate, open-source-centric engineers. If you’ve worked with Google Publisher Tags, and have a little PHP experience – so much the better!

To apply, please email your resumé to today!

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Boyle Software wants you!

Boyle Software technologiesBoyle Software continues to roll with great project work for our clients both new and old!

Most positions are based here in New York City or nearby in the tri-state area. Smart local developers with a passion for open source technologies should check out our various opportunities and email us their resumes!

We’re looking for both back- and front-end Web developers and mobile engineers, drawing on a wide array of languages, frameworks, and platforms: Java, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, iOS/Objective-C, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS, HTML/CSS, SaSS, etc. Sound like the stuff you like to use or want to learn? Send us your resume now!

New Hosting for AMI Magazines

I am very pleased to announce that Boyle Software has won a new contract with American Media Inc. (AMI). In addition to our regular software development work, we will be taking over all hosting and support for the magazine publisher’s web and mobile sites in 2015.


Among others these sites include the wildly popular:, and

By moving the sites into a true cloud infrastructure, we can better monitor and scale the magazine sites for optimal performance. We will simplify and unify the technology stacks for speed, security, maintenance and efficiency. Plus, the new infrastructure will allow us to develop and deploy new features faster and seamlessly in the future.

Help Wanted in Colombia

We are looking for back-end and front-end developers as well as QA engineers in Medellin, Colombia, to assist us with US-based projects. The primary technologies for these long-term projects are Drupal, WordPress, and Scala.

Medellin, Colombia and New York City, USA

These opportunities are ongoing and full-time and require very good spoken/written English in order to have daily communication with US-based clients. Continue reading

New WordPress site for Athene

Athene - Smart Strategies

We are happy to announce the rebranding of a WordPress site that we had originally coded in 2011.

After the acquisition of Aviva USA by Athene Holding Ltd. last year we were asked to help with the rebranding of, a blog that was successfully run by Aviva USA for three years. Part of the content stayed—but the user interface and some of the functionality of the site changed. The redesigned blog—now under the Athene umbrella – has been renamed as Athene – Smart Strategies and was launched in April 2014.

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American Media, Inc. Subscribes

AMIBoyle Software is pleased to announce a new client: American Media, Inc. (AMI). With a multi-year consulting deal Boyle Software will help AMI flex its publishing muscle and get into better technical shape for the future.

“We’re extremely excited about this new deal with AMI,” said Matt Davis, Boyle Software’s VP of Operations, “AMI has such an awesome spectrum of magazines, dozens of them grouped into three vertical markets: Men’s, Women’s and Entertainment. Its quite a lot of work; and we’re very much looking forward to it.”

Magazines include:
Natural Health
Men’s Fitness
Muscle & Fitness
Country Weekly

Technologies include: PHP, Drupal, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, eCommerce and many others.

BS TechTalk: CMS Comparison: Drupal vs. WordPress

Drupal vs. WordPress logosBoyle Software’s VP of Front-End Development, Uwe Kristen, delivered the latest in our series of Tech Talks, discussing the current state of Content Management Systems on the Web and comparing two of the most popular CMSes: WordPress and Drupal.

Today, one third of the Web’s top million sites – from simple blogs to complex e-commerce sites – utilize some sort of CMS. According to, WordPress accounts for the lion’s share, powering 63% of the top million sites; Drupal, by contrast, accounts for only  9%. But, when looking at the top 10,000 websites, Drupal’s share jumps to 20% while WordPress dips to 52%. The reason for the overall disparity in usage of these two CMSes is, most likely, the steeper learning curve of Drupal compared with the ultra-easy WordPress. However, Drupal’s expanded share of the top 10,000 sites suggests that the more “advanced” developers of those top-tier sites prefer and/or require the greater flexibility of Drupal over the less-robust WordPress.

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