Borg, Mesos, DC/OS

mesos-logo-sSAT question: Borg is to Google, as Mesos is to Twitter, as DC/OS is to what? Ben Hindman would like you to think – your own company. Cade Metz has a decent article in the latest Wired magazine about DC/OS and how it could be used by practically every company out there.

“…Hindman hopes to bring this idea to every company on the planet. From the beginning, Mesos was an open source project, meaning anyone could use and modify the code, and after leaving Twitter, Hindman helped launch Mesosphere, a company that aims to help businesses embrace the project—in essence, helping them build a Borg of their own. Today, in an effort to advance this goal, Hindman and company open sourced other software tools that work in tandem with Mesos.

“Collectively, all this software is called DC/OS, or data center operating system—which is kinda catchy. This, Hindman says, was the original vision for the company: to create an operating system that lets anyone run vast online services across a data center. But the decision to open source DC/OS also reflects—and is likely a response to—the rapid evolution of so many other tools that seek to do much the same thing.”

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