AWS: Elastic File System

AWS Elastic File SystemAmazon recently announced their Elastic File System (EFS) service is now available for production use. The service was previously only available in preview mode for a single region, but is now available in production for the US West Oregon, US East Virginia and EU Ireland regions.  EFS is a service similar to Elastic Block Storage (EBS) which provides disk mounted storage for EC2 instances, with a couple of key differences.

The first difference is EFS volumes don’t have a provisioned size. The volumes grow and shrink as files are added and removed from the volume. Correspondingly the pricing structure is based on the amount of storage being used.

The second difference is the ability to mount a single EFS volume on multiple EC2 instances. This allows architectures where several machines have access to a shared file system. In the past AWS architectures required using third-party solutions such as GlusterFS to achieve such a setup, but now this can be supported natively in AWS using EFS.

Check out the AWS EFS documentation for all the details.