Automatic Ad Blocking In Chrome

Starting today, Google Chrome will automatically start blocking specific advertising on sites if it is deemed to be too intrusive, and they’ll ultimately block all advertising on a site if the site doesn’t comply with Google’s new standards after a 30-day warning period. 

According to various representatives from Google, their goal in doing this is to make sure the web remains “a place where users can have a good experience” because ads that pop-up, make noise, or block the screen are “designed to be disruptive and often stand in the way of people using their browsers for their intended purpose — connecting them to content and information.”

Critics have noted that Chrome will not block all ads (including some that are especially valuable to Google like video pre-roll advertising), but basically Chrome is taking over the job that many people use third-party ad blocking software to do already. As the most popular browser on the web, Chrome’s inclusion of this feature certainly is expected to have an impact on the market and could change the direction of ad technology as it shifts in regards to the types of advertising solutions sites need to develop for advertisers. 

It will be interesting to see how Marketers and Developers respond to this new challenge. I expect we’ll start seeing new forms of advertising appearing (but not popping-up!) across the web very soon.

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