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So Long, Social Security Numbers

In an age where the next major data security breach seems to be lurking just around the corner, or perhaps has already happened and we just don’t know about it yet, it’s refreshing to hear talk of sunsetting the archaic social security number as a universal identifier for US citizens. While it should come as no surprise, with cybersecurity at the forefront of international headlines, and regular password-update requirements all but ubiquitous with online accounts, the onus has been largely on the individual to vigilantly guard their own digital information. At the heart of this information lies a single, 9 digit identifier meant to last a lifetime – big red flag. Continue reading

Version Control for the People

Revisions for DropboxMac users now have an easier means to manage their Dropbox files right on their desktop. As a free offering from the App Store, Revisions for Dropbox leverages Dropbox’s existing (browser based) file-history features and serves them up in a much more user friendly interface. After installation the app can be accessed right from the menu bar. A few simple steps will link it to an existing Dropbox account and off you go.

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Anticipating Java 9

Java 9(Relatively) recent press from Oracle has announced a reaffirmed commitment to introducing a standard modularity component to Java, currently slated for a 2015 release as part of Java 9. The prospect is certainly exciting for those well-versed in dealing with versioning-issue woes or lengthy-downtime deployments across a distributed environment (often manageable with external tools, but an inherent headache with standard Java). Continue reading