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How I became an Apple fan boy

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I grew up in Ukraine and got a chance to deal with computers early in my life. As an average 8 year old boy I preferred playing Prince of Persia rather than doing anything meaningful, but a few years later I wondered what is needed to make my own game and started reading about programming using Basic. This was something new, mostly because of the language difference.  It’s much easier to understand the meaning of commands GOTO or PRINT when they are your native words. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only issue. Continue reading

Kicking the tires: Mulesoft

Mulesoft logoIn the past couple of  years I’ve seen lots of companies and products moving from monolithic applications to microservices world. As large, heavy web services are being replaced, I’ve started looking into products for REST services integration.

Mulesoft seems to be a good place to go for REST services integration and implementation. RAML is racing Swagger to become #1 solution for API design. Their Anypoint platform is making the integration of third party API’s simple and efficient. Using the ability to connect to SAP or ServiceNow platforms makes this solution perfect for wide variety for consumers. Mapping and transforming data capabilities are great bonuses as well.

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NPM and friends

npm logo[A couple of months ago, the open source community and npm were rocked by an author’s unpublishing of a module called “kik.” This unprecedented action, which brought down scores of projects that were dependent upon the kik module, was the result of a dispute over ownership of the name “kik” itself. Nestor Fedyk has some interesting things to say about this dispute. Read on… — The Editor]

This is a late response to this article about the deletion of the “kik” module from npm. Most people have sided with either Azer Koçulu or npm on in this dispute and it sort of became quite at “the moment .”

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Amazon’s new Dash Buttons

Amazon's Dash ButtonsFor quite a while I’ve been using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save service to get household necessities restocked. It’s a convenient tool that lets you skip shopping trips and still save valuable space in tiny New York apartments. But if you’re going on vacation – or just in immediate need of more cleaning supplies – the timing of your delivery can sometimes be a bit too early or too late.

Amazon has decided to solve this problem by introducing the Dash Button for their Prime subscribers. The idea behind it is simple: whenever you run low on a household item – laundry detergent, coffee, or razor blades – you press the button once and it is shipped to you. After you place your order, no matter how many more times you press the button, additional orders will not be placed until the first order is delivered to you.

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