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Alexa Auto SDK – Now Available!

Amazon recently released a new SDK that will make it easier for developers to integrate their virtual assistant, Alexa, into vehicles. In keeping with Amazon’s goal of having Alexa available wherever needed (even outside the house), this latest tool is likely to make their customers happy when they’re able to ask their car to remind them what’s on their grocery list as they’re on the way to the store! Continue reading

FCC admits cyberattacks not real

Back in May of last year, the FCC’s website went down. At the time, the agency blamed it on DDoS attacks – a claim that was disbelieved by many, especially net neutrality supporters because the timing coincided with a relevant segment John Oliver did on Last Week Tonight that presumably drove large amounts of traffic to the site with an intent of voicing opposition to a net neutrality repeal. Continue reading

Let’s Talk GitHub!

A little over a month ago, Microsoft acquired GitHub – the go-to versioning platform for many in the open source community.  We shared a few of our thoughts about this news when it happened, but we’re really interested to hear if other folks think this may change their approach to using GitHub.

That’s why we are thrilled to be hosting a Meetup for Open Source NYC at our office next week to talk about this very topic. Continue reading