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Beyondsoft Consulting, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Boyle Software

(Bellevue, WA, April 29, 2020): Beyondsoft Consulting Inc. (BCI) announced today that it had acquired Boyle Software Inc. (BSI) on March 31, 2020.  Beyondsoft Consulting (BCI), a global strategic IT consulting company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, announced Boyle Software as its newest partnership by acquisition.  Beyondsoft has been a strategic partner to Fortune 500 companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Bank of Montreal, and VMware since 1995, providing a broad range of high-quality IT services. These services include cloud, big data and analytics, business process outsourcing, custom software solutions, test automation, digital enablement, and other software engineering and digital transformation services.

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YaaS: Putting hybris in the cloud

YaaS logoeCommerce powerhouse hybris recently announced the release of its new cloud platform: YaaS (“hybris as a Service”). Currently in beta, the platform is set to be launched at the end of August, 2015. YaaS is a completely new product, disconnected from the existing hybris Commerce Suite. It allows companies to build, connect, share, and market eCommerce-related micro-services. Its architecture is all based on RESTful micro-services, accessed and controlled by OAuth authentication. The platform already contains a set of core and commerce services: a document repository, a message queue service, an email service, product/category/cart/tax services, and a checkout mashup service, among others.

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Using WebSocket with Drupal

Drupal TipsDrupal is written with PHP – a language that has quite a few limitations: request-response logic, one thread per request, no shared-in-memory variables between requests, among other strictures. PHP is easy and fine when you only need to render HTML pages, but what if you want to add real-time applications like chat, streaming analytics, or document collaboration? For these, a better approach is to use the WebSocket protocol. Languages like Java or C++ support this protocol in their core, but not PHP. If we want to develop real-time applications, can a Drupal website avoid writing some part with Java or C++ or using third-party products like Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)? The answer is yes.

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Calling all WordPress Developers!

WorePress logoIf you’re skilled in front-end Web development – HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript – and have a couple of years experience working with WordPress under your belt, we need you now! We have immediate, full-time opportunities in New York City for smart developers to join an established team of passionate, open-source-centric engineers. If you’ve worked with Google Publisher Tags, and have a little PHP experience – so much the better!

To apply, please email your resumé to today!

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Fixing Drupal bugs in ctools

DrupalI’d like to discuss bugs in one of the most-used modules in Drupal: the “Chaos Tool Suite” – or ctools. The problems are associated with rendering multi-value fields several times in the same panel. (And before I get into the details, a big thanks to the developers who have investigated and addressed this problem, in particular in the Drupal discussion boards “multi-value field offset not working correctly” and “accidentally modifying entities.”)

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Bitcoin accepted here

bitcoin logoWhen F.A. Hayek wrote his book “The Denationalisation of Money” (1976), as imaginative as he was, little could the Nobel-prize winning economist have imagined bitcoin. When I read it in grad school, his book sparked questions more than offering answers. How could this work? The future then remained open. It wasn’t clear what exactly technology might deliver over time, yet technology would push this question. Of that I was convinced. (And I had some ideas that I worked on, but that’s for another discussion…) Enter bitcoin.

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Behat and CSS testing

Behat logoIt often happens that new Drupal website components display differently on different pages, or that CSS changes affect one page differently from other pages. With most coding, regression testing is used to trap for these sorts of issues. Even with the most popular test engines – CasperJS, Karma, Jasmine – you cannot create back-end unit tests. This is why, for testing Drupal sites, our QA team chose the Behat framework. The question is: Can we use Behat to test our site for visual consistency as effectively as we use it to test, say, JavaScript? Can we use Behat to test our CSS? Continue reading

Fixing Drupal redirects to nonexistent nodes

Drupal 7I had strange situation crop up on a recent project: node teaser was coming up with a 404 page! I start looking into this issue and finally found that it was redirecting to a nonexistent node. When I ran the query below, I found that there were more then 5000 redirects to nonexistent nodes:

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Issues with Drupal and Apachesolr

Apache Solr and Drupal 7Recently I dealt with the problem of displaying Apachesolr_Search module results inside a Drupal 7 site.

The Apachesolr_Search module is a terrific module. Using it we have been able to create multiple search pages and blocks that do not effect Drupal’s database performance. But even great modules can have problems: we’ve been having issues displaying the generated search results… Continue reading