AppNexus Provides Free Wi-Fi in the Flatiron

AppNexus, one of our very own clients is giving back to the neighborhood by sponsoring free Wi-Fi access in the Public Plazas of the Flatiron District hailing from 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue to Park Avenue South, with coverage reaching as far as 21st Street and Broadway.  Visitors, workers and neighborhood residents alike can jump for joy!  This is one zone where folks can quickly plugin to get directions, find the nearest lunch spot, shopping, or just a place to chill and take in the sites (and the  sights!).

Now folks don’t have to stop you in the street and ask where a certain place is because they’ve gone over their allotted monthly data plan (yes, I’ve had someone stop me and ask for help for that same reason); guess what, some people are still going to stop you because sometimes a helping hand is better than technology.

Or what about those times when the office network goes down and you are on a tight deadline? Or your GPS cuts out just when you really really need it?!  I’m sure some of these high school kids are all over it.

To connect to the service while in the area check the available wifi network listings on your device for “#Flatiron Free WiFi”.

Thanks AppNexus!!  You can learn more about AppNexus and their business by visiting their website.