Apple vs. FBI update

Apple showing spies the doorLike many of you, a couple of weeks back we began closely watching the ongoing wrestling match between Apple and the FBI regarding giving the latter “backdoor” access into the iPhone of one of the San Bernadino terrorists.

TechCrunch has a piece up today that reveals some unexpected allies for Apple: the former heads of the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security. In remarks made at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, both Mike McConnell and Michael Chertoff asserted that weakening encryption could be catastrophic to the long-term growth of the Internet as an economic engine.

“If we don’t come to an agreement with the majority of the world [around privacy], we could end up with multiple internets and lose the value of an interconnected world,” [Chertoff] said. [Source]

We encourage everyone to pay close attention to this case going forward. The future of Internet tech is very much at stake here.